Are you planning replacement glass for vinyl windows?

This is an excellent solution if the window frame is still usable, but the glass itself is cracked or broken.

Read our article to know how to fix the glass or replace it with a new one if necessary.

How to Fix Glass in a Vinyl Replacement Window?

If the glass is not broken but only slightly cracked, you can try to repair it by closing the crack with a special glue. This is some kind of putty or special tape that prevents new cracks or even destruction of the window. Nevertheless, you should understand that these are all temporary solutions. If the glass is badly cracked, draughts, moisture, and dust will burst into your home. They will increase your heating or air conditioning bills, and also make your life less comfortable. That is why we recommend repairing the glass only to gain time for searching and calling a contractor for a full replacement glass for vinyl windows.

How to Replace Window Glass in a Vinyl Frame?

It is better not to do it yourself: improperly installed glass can also negatively affect the energy efficiency of the home or crack, due to the wrong distributed load.

It is best to entrust this process to real craftsmen who know exactly how to perform replacement glass for vinyl windows so that the design will serve you for a long time.

Among all contractors working in this field, we recommend Vinyl Light Windows & Doors. The company has proven itself in this area – for more than 14 years, it makes Canadians’ homes the most beautiful, warm, and cozy.

The glass replacement process with Vinyl Light is as follows:

  1. At first, the craftsman takes the measurements: height, depth, and width.
  2. Then the vinyl tape and the old glass are removed.
  3. Now it’s time for the frame preparation: the contractor removes and grinds it.
  4. Instead of the old foam tape, the craftsman glues the new one. The frame is ready to install!
  5. Next, the glass is installed. And the finishing stage – gluing of new vinyl tape.

Vinyl Light – and your window looks and functions like new again!