If you are planning to start beer brewing, then you definitely need to buy a kegerator, beer dispenser, gas cylinder, and all other components of the beer system.

To help you navigate this issue, we have compiled five key components of each draft beer system.

  1. Kegerator

This is a refrigerator designed to store and dispense beer in kegs. 

Your decision of which model to choose depends on a few things :

  • where you will use it (at home or for commercial purposes);
  • where it will be installed (outside, under the bar, separately, at some distance from the bar);
  • How it should look (there are 2, 3-door kegerators, as well as built-in appliances).

2. Cooling system

There are glycol-cooled and air-cooled lines.

The glycol cooler is suitable for long-draw bars where the kegs are located at a considerable distance from the bar and the beer tower. This system allows for more accurate and faster cooling of beer.

The air cooler is suitable for small bars where the kegs are located directly under the bar counter.

3. Beer dispenser

The beer tower is one of the most important elements of this system. It is a special tank with a tap for beer dispensing.

With this device you will be able to serve your friends or customers even faster, while making the process of serving beer more spectacular.

Depending on your needs, the following beer towers are available:

  • Wall-mounted;
  • Ceramic;
  • Elbow;
  • Cylindrical;
  • Under bar mount;
  • Double;
  • Pass thru towers;
  • T-Box;
  • Ice towers;
  • Indie and European style models;
  • T or Y towers.

4. Beer faucet and tap handle

The faucet and tap handle are required to dispense the beer into the glass. The faucet is installed on the tower with a spanner nut and tightened with a wrench.

With the tap handle you can attract even more potential customers. To do this, place the logo of your brand on it, which will encourage customers to try this product.

5. Gas cylinder and pressure regulator

They are used to maintain pressure in your beverages. Pressure affects the foaminess and taste of the drink, as well as its longevity.

Depending on the type of beer you brew, you can install a tank with CO2 or nitrogen. For example, Guinness and other nitro beers are pressurized with nitrogen.

In addition to these basic elements, there are many other parts necessary for the stable operation of the entire system: couplings, shanks, manometers, fittings, etc.

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