Gatherings and games go hand in hand in India. Known for our diversity in culture, each region has their own festival with which comes celebrations. Each one has its own type of celebration, may they be kitty parties, chai meets, Diwali dinners and the list goes on. But what keeps these parties going are games, the life of any party. With all the board and card games being played, a game that never fails to be on the table, enjoyed among all age groups is the Indian Rummy. But what is Indian rummy? How to play it? What are the rules? Are there tricks to win the game? If these are the questions you have, then you have come to the right article. 

What is Indian Rummy? 

Every region of the world has its own variation of card games. Such as the Indian Rummy Game, also known as the 13 Patti (card) Rummy Game, which is played here in India. This is the popular Indian version which is also known to be a combination of Rummy 500 and Gin Rummy. 

Setup and Terms of Indian Rummy

A deck of 53 cards, including the joker, is typically used for this game, which is typically played by 2 to 6 players. Each player is dealt 13 cards, which must be sorted into sets. Knowing the worth of the cards in your deck is important since it will affect your scores and chances of winning. Your goal is to meld your cards in a way that creates valid sets and sequences. Three or more cards in a row with the same suit are referred to as a sequence. Three or more cards with the same rank but different suits are considered a set. When you have a legitimate Set or Sequence and declare it on the table, you are making a declaration of cards.

How to play Indian Rummy?

There is no exact way or procedure on how to play the Indian Rummy, it is all skill-based. Indian Rummy is primarily played by creating legitimate Sets or Sequences out of the 13 cards that each player is dealt. To win the game, a player must first create 2 valid Sequences out of all of their cards, including a pure Sequence and additional sets.

Rules you need to know while playing Indian Rummy

13 cards are dealt to each player, while the remaining cards, known as the Stockpile, are kept face down. The top card of this pile, which is known as the Discard Pile, is always kept facing up so that the participants may see it. Indian Rummy always rotates counterclockwise around the table. To make legal Sets or Sequences, the player may draw a card from the Stockpile or discard it. The player may Declare the set and arrange the cards on the table after melding the cards into legitimate groups. The player who makes the Declaration first wins the game. The value of the cards that are still unmatched is totalled at the conclusion of the round.

Tricks and Tips to win an Indian Rummy game

To master any card game and ensure your victory, you’ll need practice, strategies, and tactics. Similar rules apply to Indian Rummy. Sorting the cards correctly is one of the fundamental strategies that a player in this game must keep in mind. To determine the cards that have a greater chance than the others of deceiving the opponents, the player must be able to sort the best cards at the very beginning of the game. The players are frequently advised to refrain from using a joker in a pure sequence, but jokers can be used to replace cards of higher value. Discord the cards that are unmatched or have a high value. 

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