The reason why card games are so popular in India is that they have been played for ages. Players who wish to enjoy card games are now choosing online platforms for playing them. These platforms are becoming players’ favourite because it not only offers them to play card games but also earn many cash rewards. Such platforms where you can win cash prizes always have fair competition among real players. So if you also think you are a pro at these card games then you can show off your skills by inviting your friends as well. Indian rummy is a multiplayer game that is fun only if someone is competing against you. Let us discuss how you can also invite your friends and enjoy Rummy games on such platforms. 


Platforms like GetMega are quite popular among players who are interested in playing classic card games like poker and rummy. You can install the GetMega app on your smartphone and enjoy these games! 

How to invite a friend to play rummy online? 

As mentioned earlier, card games like Rummy are fun only if you compete against someone. So if you also wish to play against your friends on these online apps then here are some of the steps you can follow. 

  • Choose a platform where you can play rummy games. Try to select the app which is safe and secure. Check all the features of the game and read reviews regarding the credibility of the app. After you have selected the app according to your preference, install it on your device. 
  • Once you successfully install the app, complete all the required registration processes and complete setting up your gaming profile on the app. 
  • Before you start playing with your friends or against someone for a cash prize, it is important to get familiar with the app. Try to play practice matches against computers and play free matches to learn the rules of the game as well. 
  • Once you understand how the app works, share the app link with your friends and ask them to install it on their devices as well. Once they install it, you can make tables of rummy matches and invite them to play against you and win exciting prizes. 
  • Make sure that you follow all the rules of the game and try hard to win the game as well. 

How to choose a platform for playing rummy online with friends? 

Here are some of the tips that might help you before you choose a specific platform to play rummy with your friends. 

  • First of all, check whether the app is safe and secure or not. Also, check whether the publishing company of the app is legal and legit. It is important because you are going to invest your money and it has to be in safe hands. 
  • Check whether the app is suitable for all types of Devices or not. Not all your friends need to have the same types of devices, so try to select the device which is friendly to all types of devices. 


  • Must visit the official website of the app so that you can learn about the owner and other essential information regarding the app you are choosing to play. 


  • When you play rummy games your focus is also on how you can maximise the profit. Various apps offer a referral code bonus which provides some rewards as a bonus if you refer the app to your friends. Try to choose a platform that has some exciting offers like this.
  • Once you have selected the app do check the reviews of the app on legit websites. Even on web browsers, players always write about their experiences of using a certain app and you can learn a lot from them regarding the app. You can also check the legit rating of the app which clearly shows how much that app is liked by others. 

These are some of the points you can keep in mind while choosing a platform to play card games like Rummy to win cash prizes. However, in recent times we have seen that people are falling into fraud apps that are clones of any famous app. It usually looks the same as the original one but not the legit one. So if you wish to save yourself from such apps then always install apps from the play store, app store, or the official website of the app. Do not click on any fraud link on any website other than the official one. 


Platforms like GetMega are offering card games including rummy which excites players because it also lets them win so many cash prizes. You can invite your friends to play rummy games with them on GetMega. You can also video call or chat with them on the app. 

Install the GetMega app and enjoy cash prizes with your friends! 

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