The Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA) is a hub for global businesses to establish their presence in the Middle East. 

With its strategic location and world-class infrastructure, JAFZA has become a preferred destination for businesses of all sizes to form their company. 

With the right resources and guidance, setting up a business in JAFZA can be easy and hassle-free. 

JAFZA company formation is the perfect option for entrepreneurs looking to expand their business in the region and benefit from the free zone’s competitive advantages.

Process of Establishing a Business in Jafza

TASC Corporate Services can help you establish a business in Jafza (Jebel Ali Free Zone). The process involves several steps and it is important to ensure all the steps are taken to successfully set up a business in Jafza.

  1. Business Planning: The first step is to develop a comprehensive business plan that outlines the goals and objectives of the business, the target market, the competitive landscape, and the financial projections. 

This will help you determine the best way to structure your business in Jafza.

  1. Business Entity Selection: The next step is to select the type of legal entity that best suits your business needs. 

It is important to choose the right business entity to maximize the benefits of setting up in Jafza.

  1. Licensing and Permits: Once you have selected the type of legal entity, you need to apply for the necessary licenses and permits to operate your business in Jafza. 

This includes obtaining a trade license, a warehouse license, a business license, and any other required permits. TASC Corporate Services can assist with this.

  1. Office Space Selection: You will also need to select an office space in Jafza. This can be done through the Jafza office search website or by contacting TASC Corporate Services.
  2. Bank Account Opening: After selecting an office space, you need to open a bank account to receive payments and manage your business finances. 
  3. Staff Recruitment: The next step is to recruit staff for your business. 
  4. Business Registration: Finally, you need to register your business with the Jafza Free Zone Authority to obtain a valid business license. TASC Corporate Services can assist you with this process.

Once all of these steps have been completed, your business in Jafza will be officially established and you will be ready to start operating.

Benefits of setting up a business in Jafza

  1. Tax Incentives: Setting up a business in Jafza offers attractive tax incentives, such as 100% foreign ownership, zero corporate tax, zero personal income tax, and zero import/export duties. This makes it a great choice for foreign investors.
  2. Access to the Middle East: Jafza provides access to the Middle East and North African markets, with more than 65 million consumers in the region. This makes it a great choice for companies looking to expand their operations.
  3. Infrastructure: Jafza is a free zone with world-class infrastructure, including excellent transportation links and communication networks. This makes it easy to set up and operate a business in the area.
  4. Location: Jafza is located in the heart of Dubai, making it the perfect place for businesses to establish a presence in the Middle East.
  5. Support Services: Jafza provides a wide range of support services to businesses, including legal, accounting, and marketing advice. This helps to ensure that businesses can get up and running quickly and efficiently.
  6. Flexible Regulations: The regulations in Jafza are designed to be flexible and accommodating to businesses. This means that companies can tailor their operations to meet their specific needs.
  7. Access to Talent: Jafza is home to a large and diverse talent pool, making it easy for businesses to find the right people for the job.
  8. Business Support: Jafza provides a range of business support services, including access to finance, training, and networking events. This helps businesses to grow and succeed.
  9. Reputation: Jafza has an excellent reputation as a business-friendly zone, with a long history of successful companies. This helps to give businesses an edge when it comes to attracting customers, suppliers, and investors.

Strategies for setting up a business in Jafza

  1. Choose the Right Jurisdiction: Choosing the right jurisdiction is important when setting up a business in Jafza. 

It is important to consider the legal and tax implications of operating in different countries before making a decision.

  1. Select the Right Business Structure: The business structure chosen for a Jafza business must be suited to the specific needs of the company. 
  2. Determine the Business Activities: Companies must decide which activities they intend to undertake in Jafza before they can proceed with the company formation process.
  3. Register the Company: The company must be registered with the Department of Economic Development (DED) and obtain a license before it can begin operations.
  4. Apply for Residency: Companies must obtain residency permits for their employees to work in Jafza.
  5. Open a Bank Account: Companies must open a bank account in Jafza before they can begin operations.
  6. Obtain the Necessary Permits: Companies must obtain the necessary permits from the relevant government authorities before they can begin operations.
  7. Hire Employees: Companies must hire employees to staff their operations in Jafza. The company must comply with all relevant labor laws and regulations.
  8. Set up Accounting and Tax Systems: Companies must set up accounting and tax systems to comply with local regulations.
  9. Secure Premises: Companies must secure suitable premises for their operations in Jafza. This may involve renting an office or warehouse space.


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