Online casinos are all the rage these days. Millions of players are into them and their fantastic slots and other games. Slots in 2022 look more like video games than old-school spin machines, which is why players love casinos. Another one is that the most trusted online casinos offer very fast payouts without the legal mumbo-jumbo that can make your head hurt.

And while the number of casinos on the web is immense, there are also many online casino scams people should know about. The industry does its best to keep these sites out of business, but it’s a big market, and scam sites fall through the cracks. This guide will tell you about the top 5 online gambling fraud schemes most people fall prey to.

What Online Casinos are Scams?

We can’t list all the scam casinos on this page – it would take us days even to list them. We can tell you that scam casinos have no license or lie about having one. Reputable casinos have a license badge on the bottom of the website and a real number you can check on the web. You should think twice if the number doesn’t check out before joining

Of course, this should happen before you join a casino, as it would be too late if you joined and made a deposit.

What’s the Most Trustworthy Casino Online?

How do you know if an online casino is legit? It’s simple – check the license and see if the website’s SSL protected. You need to pay attention to a few other things, but these two are the top factors. Casinos without a license are a big no-no. SSL encryption may not be a dealbreaker, but which reputable website can live without it?

It would be good for the casino to pair them so you know it’s not a scam. Below you can see the main online casino scams players fall to.

Deposit Thefts

It’s one of the oldest tricks in the online gambling book. Scam casinos are always on the ‘hunt’ for deposits they can steal. Casinos have a way of deceiving players with legal formalities and endless loops that can make it hell to withdraw. In the end, players are left frustrated and decide just to leave the money. Deposit thefts are very common in scam casinos, so you should never make a deposit right after joining unless you’re sure it’s a reputable operator.

Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks were once the most severe threat in the online casino industry. The 2017 attack threw the iGaming industry back for a few years after millions of players downloaded a ransomware casino app that wreaked havoc on their devices. You should only download software from verified sources. Ensure the website has legal permissions unless you want unsafe software and apps.

Stolen Identity

It doesn’t happen that often, but identity theft is even more severe than the other threats on this list. Private information leaks are commonplace nowadays, which is unfortunate, and any website can easily steal your private data. Many online casino scams revolve around stolen identities, which will then be sold to the highest bidder. Ever watched The Net with Sandra Bullock? That’s what you should fear.

Rigged Games

Scam casinos usually have cracked and rigged games that steal money right from your hands. It’s probably the words kind of psychological exploitation when you rob your clients. If a game never pays, you should consider the possibility of a scam.

No Withdrawals

Unsafe online casinos will allow you to deposit, but good luck with withdrawals. Getting your money out will be subject to insane legal loopholes, making you give up your winnings.

Can Online Casinos Steal Your Identity?

It has happened in the past and not just in online casinos. Scam casinos can steal a lot of sensitive data as you enter financial and personal details that can wreak havoc in your life. You should pick reputable sites and think about switching to cryptocurrencies – they’re much harder to steal.

Final Thoughts

Even though many casinos bet their reputation on being safe, online gambling fraud is not unheard of. Scam casinos slip through the cracks, stealing information from their clients like taking candy from a baby. To prevent this, ensure your casino of choice has a license and proper SSL encryption. If it doesn’t, just report it and find another operator – there are plenty to choose from nowadays.

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