The right pair of workout shorts will not only improve your performance at the gym, but they may also inspire you to work out (even if the gym is now your backyard). Plus, it never hurts to look good while working out, and comfort is always important when you are on the go.

Workout shorts are one of the most technologically advanced pieces of clothing, so the list of the best workout shorts is constantly changing. Keeping up with gym gear evolution, on the other hand, is critical for staying at the top of your game — whether that is heavy lifting, running, or whatever.

Snapdeal offers many options. The best workout shorts will wick away sweat, prevent chafing, and allow you to push yourself to your limits. Some workout shorts also have handy features like pockets for your phone, keys, and other essentials.

Read on if you want to kick start a new workout routine, revitalize a routine you have been avoiding, or simply replace those old, worn-out gym shorts. Here are a dozen of the best workout shorts. The sport shorts for men are highly in demand. 

The best workout shorts to buy will be determined by the activity and your workout style. Here’s what you should keep in mind.

Length: The length of your gym shorts should be determined by your workout. Runners can’t have too much material, so they usually prefer something around five inches in length. Nine-inch shorts are a good choice for lifters who prefer coverage between their legs and the bench or barbell. If you do it all, seven-inch workout shorts are a good compromise.

Material: The best workout shorts will all have moisture-wicking capabilities to reduce sweat, but there are a variety of material combinations available. Some shorts also have four-way stretch material, which means they stretch in both directions and return to their original shape.

Pockets: Because most of us now carry a smartphone while working out or running, pockets are an important consideration when looking for the best workout shorts. Regular side pockets are ideal for walking around before and after a workout, whereas zippered pockets prevent items from slipping out. 

Fit: For security, most people prefer a trim-fit pair of workout shorts, but some prefer a more relaxed fit. This is entirely up to personal preference, but it is worth noting when shopping. You can occasionally find a pair of lined workout shorts with a handy pouch in the liner that keeps your smartphone secure while performing high-impact moves or running.

Style: Looking good while working out, whether for yourself or for someone else at the gym, is a powerful motivator. When shopping for workout gear, keep your personal style and ideal workout gear look in mind (tip: you can never go wrong with basic black).

Washable: They are machine-washable and easy to care for, and they are also very comfortable to wear thanks to the recycled polyester and elastane blend. They work well in almost any workout situation due to their four-way stretch, and they even wick away moisture to keep you dry. 

The soft shorts have a seven-inch inseam for a good all-around fit and a drawstring to tighten them up before you go for a run. Whether you are a runner or a lifter, these workout shorts from online stores are a great all-around pair for any workout. 

The High Strides have a seven-inch inseam and hit just above the knee, making them ideal for running stairs or wearing while doing lunges. There are some shorts that are best known for their yoga pants, but they also make some of the best workout shorts for men. The Pace Breaker short is an excellent example of slept-on workout gear know-how, boasting premium fabrics and practical features.

Most shoppers now consider environmental sustainability to be a major concern, if not a requirement. There are other workout shorts that are mainly eco-friendly, with 44 percent of the fabric made from recycled plastic bottles.

  • Experience a cutting-edge workout shorts 

Cutting-edge workout shorts are great, but some guys prefer a more traditional, no-frills option. With a 10-inch length for maximum coverage and a comfortable yet lightweight polyester-elastane Heat Gear fabric, these Under Armor Raid shorts are exactly that. 

Although the shorts are on the long side, the four-way stretch ensures that you can move freely. Built-in UPF 30 protects your legs from the sun while you work out outside, and sweat-wicking, odor-eliminating technology keeps you dry.

Snapdeal has a large selection of some of the best menswear staples available online these days, including tees, masks, and great-looking denim. To that list, add the brand’s athletic shorts. These comfortable air shorts are exactly what your activewear has been missing, stylish enough to throw on for a coffee run but equally at home at the gym.

Modern and minimal workout attire is the most popular. The polar opposite may be more exciting, as evidenced by Converse’s colorful throwback shorts. They’re made of a tough rip stop cotton (nylon) that can withstand any sport or workout session while still looking stylish on the way home. 

A slightly boxy, loose fit ensures comfort and mobility, and hip pockets and a zippered back pocket provide plenty of storage space. They are perfect for a casual pickup basketball game or weight lifting, but the real benefit of these Converse shorts is that you can wear them with your casual wardrobe as well.


Nike online stores has a large selection of workout shorts (all of which are good to excellent), but we believe these sportswear is the best. With an ultra-lightweight design and a zippered horizontal phone pocket in the back, the shorts are marketed for running, but they are also one of the best options for cross-training and lifting.

Consider these Adidas shorts if you want to nail modern athletic style. They have the iconic three-stripe look, which is even more popular now than it was in 1980s street wear. You can pair these shorts with weekend loungewear or, if you are feeling brave, designer wear and grail-worthy kicks. They will, however, continue to perform admirably in the gym.