YouTube content creators

YouTube is not considered the second largest search engine in the world for nothing. Users are looking for answers to countless questions and videos are published on all sorts of topics. Many even make a living doing it. To earn money on YouTube, you can place advertisements or enter into cooperation with other companies. Also, buy YouTube subs PayPal option available in order to achieve fast boost with the algo. In any case, it is important that you have your own channel and that you design it in an appealing way. Think in advance what content you want to create and write a trailer that is as meaningful as possible. This will draw the attention of subscribers and ultimately companies to your account.


Are you fluent in more than one language, grew up multilingual or have you already had a longer stay abroad? Are you particularly good at foreign languages ​​and would you like to secure your income with them? You can secure your income from translations by registering on the numerous portals. 

Some translation portals require you to be able to prove that you are a certified translator. However, there are also freelancer portals like Upwork where you can offer your services without certificates. It is best to contact a portal that specializes in translations in order to achieve the highest possible income.

Voiceover actor/actress

Do you have a particularly beautiful voice and has this been confirmed to you several times? You can also earn money with your vote. Extraordinary voices are always needed for radio plays, advertising clips, audio books or explanatory videos. You should have a very clear pronunciation and also have the right equipment, such as a high-quality microphone. Then you can offer your voiceover recording services.

Media buyer – AD consultant

Advertising on Facebook has steadily increased in recent years. The advertising can be positioned according to the target group and a company can significantly increase its own reputation on Facebook. 

More and more companies have now recognized this potential and are using the social platform to win customers and build leads. However, a campaign can backfire significantly if not carefully planned and tailored to individual needs. And this is exactly where the Facebook advertising consultant comes into play. If you have experience in this field and call the social networks your second home, you can offer your expertise and support companies efficiently with their campaigns.

Video Editor

Do you like to work with video production? Do you enjoy cutting videos, editing images and sound? In this you can earn your money as a video editor.  As a video editor, you deal with videos, edit them and create professional videos, films or TV reports. If you have enough talent and interest, you can also get started in this way. It’s helpful if you’ve perhaps already been able to collect a few free references. Especially due to the increasing number of YouTubers, there are more and more companies outsourcing video editing. Therefore, there is an increasing demand for video editing.