12th Class English short questions answers chapter 08 china’s way to progress

12th Class English Notes Chapter 08 China‟s Way to Progress

Q.No 1 Why has the world changed its attitude towards china?

Ans: The world has changed its attitude towards China because of its great progress. After independence in 1949, China made immense progress in social, agricultural and industrial fields.

Q.No 2 Discuss Chinese agriculture system?

Ans:In China, agricultural land has been divided into small sectors known as communes. These communes are further divided into production brigades. The Chinese still carry on their traditional labour along with modern agricultural machinery.

Q.No 3 How does China rely on its own resources?

Ans: China relies on its own resources by using all sorts of products and machines prepared in China. Such products and machine are easily available. They are cheaper than foreign machines.

Q.No 4 Describe a day in the life of a Chinese student?

Ans:Je Wen Siurepresents the students in China. She gets up early in the morning, does some domestic chores, takes breakfast and goes to the school at 8. After 11 am, she comes back home takes her lunch and goes back to the school. She . and revises his lesson. After 4 o clock he takes rest reads the news-paper and enjoys the radio.

Q.No 5 Write a note on the Chinese women?

Ans:Chinese women are hard working. They lack feminity. They do not use beauty products. They enjoy many social security benefits. They enjoy free hospitalization and medical facilities.

Q.No 6 What are the social security benefits provided to the Chinese workers?

Ans:Workers in China enjoy complete social security benefits. It means the state is responsible for their comforts and needs in society. They are provided housing and medical facilities. They enjoy easy terms of service in factories and the facility of assistance schemes.

Q.No 7 “It is the people and not the things that are decisive” Discuss.

Ans: According to the writer, there are two worlds: one is the world of facts and figures and the other is the world of faith. Mao the Chinese leader believed that number of people or economic facts and figures does not count, people themselves are important if they have the faith for the benefit of the people.

Q.No 8 “The heart of the matter is the need to root out selfishness” Discuss.

Ans:According to this statement, everyone should work for the betterment of others. The secret of China‟s progress lies in this principle. They work for the benefits of all.