If you are trying to Find Communication barriershow to reduce communication barriers these 7 barriers of communication, the introduction of communication barriers given in this blog post you can all about Communication barriers meaning. what are the barriers to communication, physical barriers of communication is given in this post…

Types of Communication Barriers

1) Semantic Barrier of Communication

2) Physical Barrier of Communication
3) Organizational Barrier of Communication
4) Emotional Barrier of Communication
5) Personal Barrier of Communication
6) Technological Barrier of Communication
7) Cultural Barrier of Communication

Semantic/ Language Barrier:

  1. Language Problems
  2. Poor Vocabulary
  3. Poor Knowledge of Grammar
  4. Poor Pronunciation
  5. Poor Handwriting

Physical Barrier:

  1. Noise 
  2. Poor Timing 
  3. Distance 
  4. Inadequate or overload of information

Organizational Barrier: 

  1. Organizational Rules and Regulations 
  2. Hierarchical Relationship 
  3. Lack of Staff Meetings 
  4. Poor Choice of Channel

Emotional Barrier:

  1. Selective Perceptions 
  2. Poor Listening 
  3. Egotism 
  4. Emotions

Personal Barrier: 

In Superiors: 

  1. Lack of Time 
  2. Lack of Confidence 
  3. Lack of Proper Communication Channel

In Subordinates : 

  1. Unwillingness to Communicate 
  2. Fear from Superior

Technological Barrier: 

  1. Use of un-updated technology  
  2. Lack of technological knowledge. 
  3. Technical noise. 
  4.  Barriers at decoding stage.

Cultural Barriers:

  1. Adopting to the behavior of a group
  2. Religious beliefs 
  3. Body language

how to overcome communication barriers?

Evaluate Feedback :

  1. Improve listening and speaking skills 
  2. Improve reading and writing skills 
  3. Clarify ideas before communication 
  4. Put consideration 
  5. Be aware of language, tone & content 
  6. Feel Motivated 
  7. Vocabulary 
  8. Unbiased Communication